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Play Food
From the Future

In collaboration with WIN WIN Gothenburg Sustainability Award together with Happy F&B + Forsman & Bodenfors / Theme 2019 – Sustainable Food

A set of toys developed to get the new generation more familiar with the sustainable foods of the future. Each toy represents a new dish or ingredient, that might take some time getting used to. Like insects, algae and powder. Yummy!

The toys are preferably printed in polylactic acid (PLA) which is a type of plastic derived from renewable resources (typically from corn or sugarcane).

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Collaboration and Production

Marcel Granfelt Saavedra and Fredrik Schleimann-Jensen
Product Design, Cheil Nordic

Oliva Jeczmyk

Anton Thorsson
Set Designer

Ingrid Strid
Scientist at SLU, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences